I am now leading a dedicated team of top-tier software architects and engineers building the world’s first AI-powered philanthropy platform that helps organizations make a positive impact more efficiently: Fresko. This project is part of a coordinated and multifaceted effort that takes aim at turning around our era's Earth destroying actions.

As a part of this project, I am gathering the experience and best practices of social innovators that are changing the performance capacity of society. I am also analyzing the transformative forces, technologies, and ideas that are shifting behavior patterns around global sustainability and perceptions about how we as humans live, consume and behave.

I will use this information to create a systematic approach to making a difference and turn it into software that would be accessible to everyone. This new platform will be a catalyst to shift humans’ focus towards doing good as the primary investment of their time and energy.

X1 is my passion project turned organization to feed the hungry all over the world and reduce food waste, one community at a time. I’ve been collecting unsaleable, but perfectly good food from catering companies and taking it to homeless shelters for years, and eventually decided to make this model more accessible to others

My initial approach very rapidly proved to be a colossal undertaking requiring capital investment. I had a single catering company that was donating several hundred pounds of food daily. So I went from distributing food one at a time under highway overpasses to passing along the recovered food to partners who had efficiencies of scale, removing a large burden. I realized that if I was to make a meaningful lasting impact I had to do more, both to help charities and my food recovery program.

I saw that so many people want to help others, but don’t know where to start. I developed X1 with the idea that the technology and mobile application can be used, under any name, to help people tackle hunger and food waste at their local level. The X1 platform empowers communities to take alleviating hunger and reducing food waste into their own helping hands.

As often happens in life, the solution was simple in retrospect. By offering to match any business's existing rate to process credit cards, I would allow the business to choose where the majority of the proceeds X1 received would go. I had hit upon a novel way for businesses to do good and charities to scale without having to ask for money. A key component was that it was an automatic donation that happened month after month and the giver never felt poorer, the receiver never felt happier, for he no longer had to beg.

Through X1, I aim to provide the technological resources and scientific processes necessary to make philanthropy doable and effective for anyone. Currently, I am in the process of transforming X1 into an education academy for extraordinary children.