Recycle Academy

Recycle Academy is a non-profit that builds a global database with all products, materials, and recycling spots. Consumers have to know how to recycle every single product they buy and locate the nearest bin or recycling center for that specific type of waste. We raise environmental sustainability awareness and show eco-friendly alternatives to reduce ecological footprints. Devices we use every day should help us buy sustainable products, but also educate us in recycling and reducing waste. We utilize progressive technology to help people with their recycling waste. Maybe one day it could be machine learning and augmented reality.

The first question has to be: "Do I really need this?". If your response is "Yes!", then there should always be eco-friendly alternatives to non-sustainable products.

My educational platform will help the world to recycle waste better by providing a database of articles, products, and literature with straightforward steps on how to get rid of garbage ecologically.


Currently, I am also working on replacing vitamin and supplement plastic bottles with glass bottles on store shelves in the US by 2030. I am launching the first and only vitamin company created with the ultimate goal of reducing plastic waste by using 100% plastic-free rice packaging.