Building the world's first AI-powered philanthropy platform while creating, acquiring & scaling digital assets.


My name is Jean-Pierre Khoueiri. I am a social impact entrepreneur and an active advocate of diversity.

As of December 2020, I have successfully exited all my ventures, to start building the world’s 1st AI-powered philanthropy platform and launch the 1st 100% plastic-free vitamin company created with the goal of eliminating plastic usage in the vitamin industry to zero. I believe it can be done and I will do it by 2030.

Having dropped out of high school at 17, primarily because I enjoyed reading my own books in class and didn’t see a path to the type of success I wanted and at the speed I hoped for via traditional schooling, I have read over 1000+ books ranging from history and biographies to finance.

Choosing to not attend college primarily because of its slow pace of teaching, I instead began playing no-limit Texas Holdem full time (before it was popularized on TV). When that got boring and thanks to Danny Sullivan inviting me to attend his conference for free after I emailed him requesting access, I started my own digital agency during a time when there was virtually no literature on the topic. I credit Danny’s generosity along with Aaron Wall’s “SEO Book” with the start of a journey that has taken me far.

Doing door-to-door sales by age 10, selling everything from chocolate to gift wrapping paper I developed an early interest in making money.

This drive to constantly be trying new things put me well ahead of the curve. In the early 2000s, before Internet marketing became a mature industry, I was already making deals with my first proper business, a digital marketing agency, Constant Click.


I proceeded over the next 10 years building a small but respectable company that helped some of the world’s leading financiers and online retailers both manage their reputations on the web and connect to their consumers through studying behavioral psychology. Working on over 100 accounts during Constant Click’s operational days, setting up the A-Z of companies’ digital operations, I gained valuable experience that would come back to play a role later on in more important endeavors. Not least of which was the hiring and managing of remote team members before this was an accepted way to run a company. Back then few if any tools existed tools for doing this properly so I had to learn the hard way.

I have also structured and administered several real estate transactions, studied to become a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) (decided not to get licensed on the advice of Tom Barrack and traded in financial markets (mostly advanced options strategies) giving me what I suppose is a better than average understanding of financial transactions and management).

From day one I’ve worked exclusively with remote teams allowing me to understand the mechanics of cross-cultural teams and how to manage and motivate teams remotely. This in and of itself can account for a majority of my success.

Philanthropy & Business

As Constant Click reached peak revenues, I eventually shifted my goals around using technology to help fuel more philanthropic projects. Constant Click was wound down to focus purely on wholly-owned digital acquisitions in 2014.

I wanted to make a difference, so I decided to use my knowledge of technology to try and make the world a better place. I know this sounds cliche, I’m rolling my eyes even as I write it. But honestly, I genuinely believe my ideas can make a difference.

Leaning on my previous tech experience, I founded X1.org which was a social good endeavor that feeds the hungry by recovering food and redistributing it. Currently, I am in the process of transforming X1 into an education academy for extraordinary children by opening an orphanage in Colombia in 2021 geared towards helping refugees and poverty-stricken children have a home where education in technology and math is the pillar of the foundation. Not merely wanting to shape bright minds, I wish to teach them how to be paramedics, pilots, sharp thinkers, does, and go-getters. Being orphans as they are, go-getters are already baked into their DNA in a way. I’m speaking from personal experience and some research I’ve done.

I am also actively involved in charity. Recently I bid on and won several auctions on Charitybuzz which gave me the opportunity to meet several influential entrepreneurs and social innovators. More importantly, all proceeds went to different charitable organizations, such as Kids’ Chance of Kentucky, Inc whose mission is to provide educational scholarships to the children of Kentucky workers who have been seriously or fatally injured in work-related accidents, Spirit Awakening Foundation which helps underserved youth and children in the juvenile justice system realize their value & worth, and Texas Business Hall of Fame that to focus awareness on the positive achievements made by outstanding business leaders and to honor their contributions to their community and their state. I am participating in these auctions on a regular basis in order to support a wide range of global good causes and also get to meet different change-makers and learn more about their story and experience.